Agile and
personalized action

Founded in 2001, GBSA has a solid performance throughout all the national territory, providing legal support and advice, in an agile and complete way, in all the areas of Brazilian law. The involvement of its professionals to achieve the goals plus the magnificent results of the work performed ensures the credibility and quality of the services provided by GBSA; because their focus is …

Pratice Areas

• Administrative Law

• Environmental Law

• Comercial Law

• Civil Law and Consumer Relations

• Tax Law

• Corporate Law

• Trade Union and Labor Law

• Political and Electoral Law


Handcrafted service, producing innovative and customized solutions acording to the needs of our customers.

Integrated Law

Lawyers in each area work in an integrated way to achieve the best results.

Personalized Service

Efficient and customized service. The client can talk directly with the members of our team.

Constant Training

The office constantly invests in the training of its professionals, aiming at excellence in the services provided.